Who Is Who In Hospital

The Multidisciplinary Team

Basically, the multidisciplinary team complement the work that the medical team do. You may not come into contact with them for a little while after diagnosis and treatment, but they have a wide range of skills that can help you on the road to recovery!

Members of the multidisciplinary team you might meet:
  • Social Worker – A trained professional who helps patients and their families adjust to life with cancer and treatments.
  • Dietician – A professional who provides information to patients and their families about nutritional needs related to their cancer and treatment.
  • Clinical Psychologist – A professionally-trained therapist who helps with emotional and intellectual wellbeing during cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Pharmacist – A professional who is knowledgeable about drugs and medications that may form part of your cancer treatment.
  • Physiotherapist – A professional who deals with recovering physical movement and may help with your recovery after surgery.

TIP: Some people you come into contact with might have the word ‘paediatric’ in their title. This just means that they specialise in treating children.

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