Tips and tools

We’ve put together a one stop shop for all your fundraising needs including handy downloadable resources, posters and guides. These will help to make your Bandanna Day fundraiser a success!

Start early

Boxes will begin shipping in September. You don't have to wait until Bandanna Day, you can put your box out straight away and sell throughout the whole month of October. You won’t be alone – there will be thousands of supporters just like you making a difference.

Spread the word

Be sure to let your friends, family and colleagues know you are selling bandannas. Put your posters up, add information to your newsletter, spread the word on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everything in between.

Wear your bandanna

Purchase your own bandanna and wear it with pride – why not challenge yourself to wear it every day in October. Let people see that you are supporting young people living with cancer!

Have fun

The more fun you have, the more people will want to get involved! Don’t forget to share your photos on social with #BandannaDay, or send them to


Print this certificate to thank your staff or students for doing a fantastic job fundraising for CanTeen!


Make sure people know you're supporting young people living with cancer this October. Hang as many posters as you can!

Bandanna Day invite

Spread the word about your event! Let people know what, where and when you will be running your Bandanna Day event.

Bandanna Day bunting

Get crafty and decorate your Bandanna Day event with this easy to make, colourful bunting.

School fundraising guide

A handy toolkit for schools to help you get the most out of your Bandanna Day event this October.

General fundraising guide

A handy toolkit to help you get the most out of your Bandanna Day event at your work or in your community this October.

How to wear your bandanna

Bandannas are so versatile! Here are some ideas on how you can rock yours this Bandanna Day.