26 October 2018 68 days left to go!

Selling tips

Here are our tips on how to make your National Bandanna Day a success!


Start early – As soon as you receive your merchandise box, start selling right throughout the whole month of October. You won’t be alone – there will be thousands of supporters just like you making a difference.

Host a fundraiser – Make it fun, exciting and hold a fundraiser! Get started by clicking here!

Spread the word – Be sure to let your friends, family and colleagues know you are selling bandannas. Put your posters up, add information to your newsletter, spread the word on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everything in between.  Check out our fantastic resources on our website to help you spread the word.

Traffic patrol – If you’re selling on the streets, don’t forget to go where there are a lot of people. The more people there are, the more chance someone will buy a bandanna.

Wear your bandanna – nothing screams out more about National Bandanna Day than wearing a bandanna. Let people see that you are supporting young people living with cancer!

Have fun – the more fun you have, the more people will want to get involved! Don’t forget to post photos, send them to nbd@canteen.org.au and #BandannaDay!