National Bandanna Day

Friday 30 October 2020

My Country Dreaming Face Mask


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My Country Dreaming design, washable and reusable face mask.  

Outer layer
· Polyester compound 200gsm
· Lightweight yet durable double knit fabric for 2 x the protection from droplets

Middle Layer filter
· Polypropylene non-woven washable inner – reusable (not disposable)
· Not to be ironed
· Comes with each mask and also can be purchased in packs.

Inner layer
· 100% cotton 135gsm
· Hypoallergenic and comfortable inner layer with inbuilt pouch for filters to fit
· Full mask is washable up to 90 degrees and can be ironed

· Elastic spandex compound that ties/adjusts

Comfort and fit
· Adjustable metal nose clip for the perfect moulded fit

Canteen or the manufacturer of these face masks and filters do not claim that by wearing these masks it will completely protect or prevent you from contracting or transmitting COVID-19 or any other airborne virus, bacteria or other disease. Face masks are barriers to help confine droplets caused by sneezing or coughing. As with all health decisions, please consult with your doctor or medical professional to determine what is best for you and your situation and make sure to read the latest NSW Government Guidelines and VIC Government Guidelines on masks.