26 October 2018 68 days left to go!

How to wear your bandanna

There are heaps of ways to wear a bandanna and show your support for young people living with cancer!

For a step-by-step guide on how to create these (and a couple more!) styles, click here to check them out, or print them out the How to wear your bandanna poster.

The Classic: By far the most popular and often worn bandanna style, the classic is the tried and trusted old faithful bandanna fashion.
The Neckscarf: Be a hero and support young people living with cancer by sporting a Cowboy Scarf. Save the day and raise funds for a worthy cause.
The Headband: No longer the sole ownership of 90s hipsters, breakdancers or teenage mutant hero turtles - the headband is for everyone! A great way to relive the golden age of pop or fantastic for a work out, the trusty headband is a bandanna must!
The Alice Band: If it's good enough for David Beckham, then it's good enough for me- the Alice Band is a popular style the world over from 5 year old girls to our nation's very own surfer boys - it's the perfect way to keep your hair looking awesome.
The Western: First made popular in 50s era musicals, the neckerchief is an easy way to bring a bit of glamour or sassy cool to a simple outfit.
The Armband: The most understated of bandanna uses, the armband is easy to incorporate into any outfit, particularly with the upcoming summer and short shirted (or no shirted) wardrobes just crying out for accessorisation!