Fundraising tips

No Money In The Tin – You’re Not Coming In!

Sell tickets for your fundraiser – make sure you have a donation tin at the entrance to your fundraiser and collect a gold coin donation to make sure everyone is playing their part!


Healthy Competition

Add a bit of a competitive edge to your fundraiser and hold a competition on the day. Fill a jar of jellybeans or sweets and charge $1 a guess. Even hold a fashion parade on your casual dress day and vote for who wears their bandanna best, include a cake decorating competition or incorporate a quiz into your fundraiser.


Run A Raffle

Approach local businesses, your friends and family to donate prizes to raffle off at your fundraiser. Draw the winners at the end of your event for a sure fire way to finish with a bang!


Match My Efforts

Ask the organisation you work for to match your fundraising efforts and to show their support with you.


Don’t Forget Your Bandanna

Our bandannas are available all year round, so why not order some to sell at your fundraiser? Selling just 60 bandannas will cover the cost of THREE hour long face to face counselling sessions – they’ll be sure to want them, plus they look great! Click here to order your bandannas today.


Lou’s top tip!

Lou raised $3,444 by promoting her tea party in the local media and fundraised online at so that everyone can show their support.

“The best advice I could possibly give is make sure you advertise (or remind) people about your upcoming event - make sure people know that it is coming up."- Lou