Host a National Bandanna Day Fundraiser


Want to raise funds for young people living with cancer?  By fundraising for CanTeen, you will make a difference to the lives of young Australians when cancer comes crashing into their world. Spark up the BBQ, get baking, pop the kettle on, or dress up and invite your friends, family and colleagues to your fundraiser- there’s no limit to what you can do!

Make sure that you also set up a fundraising page to get the most out of your fundraiser- that way you can ask family and friends near and far to get involved! Call us on 1800 226 833 or email to get started.


Here are our top 3 fundraising ideas:


1. Host a morning/afternoon tea

Throw on the apron, pop on the kettle and invite your family, friends and colleagues to join you in the fight against cancer. Charge an entry fee and just like that, you have raised some much needed funds!


2. Dress up/down or Mufti Day

Hold a dress-down/fancy dress day at work or a mufti day at school. Collect a gold coin to participate and fine those who don’t join in the fun!


3. Hold a Bandanna BBQ

Start up the BBQ and spark some much needed awareness for CanTeen. Charge $2 (or so) per sausage sandwich and enjoy the chance to “ketchup” with students, teachers, friends and family.


Get started today by downloading a copy of our fundraising guide which is packed full of creative ideas and fundraising tips to make sure your event is a success. And if you haven’t already got your merchandise ready for your fundraiser, make sure you email the team at or call us on 1800 226 833 to order your bandannas. Together, let’s make a difference to the lives of young people living with cancer!