Frequently asked questions

The National Bandanna Day team is here to help – if you have a question that isn't covered below, feel free to contact us

When is National Bandanna Day?

National Bandanna Day is held on the last Friday of October each year. This year's event is on Friday 30th October 2020.

Are there any new bandanna designs?

Each year we release three new designs. Our new designs will be ready for purchase in September so watch this space!

Can I select the designs in my box?

Our boxes arrive in our warehouse pre-packed so unfortunately we can't arrange custom fundraising boxes. We've categorised our boxes this year to make ordering for the right audience even easier. Please reach out to the Bandanna Day team if you have any specific requirements.

Bandanna Day is over but I want to help. Can I hold a fundraiser anyway.

You sure can! You can hold your event anytime. We recommend holding your event as close to Bandanna Day as you can to take advantage of the hype on social media. Our new boxes won't be ready until September but we have a number of spare boxes from 2019 available for order.

What is included in a merchandise box?

We have three different types of fundraising boxes:
'Bright and colourful' with 60 standard cotton bandannas
'Stylish and fun' with 54 standard cotton bandannas and 6 premium satin bandannas
'Bandanna and pen combo' with 44 standard cotton bandannas, 6 premium satin bandannas and 20 pens

What if I don't sell all my merchandise?

If you've ordered too many bandannas, no problem! You can send the remaining stock back to us in the reply paid satchel provided. Be sure to include your completed returns form or register your returns online and check in with us for future orders to adjust your order quantity.
Our reply paid address is also listed on your returns form:
CanTeen National Bandanna Day Returns
Reply Paid 87022
Erskine Park NSW 2759

How many can I order?

You can order up to five boxes online or via the mail order form. If you wish to order more than five boxes, please contact us directly to chat about your event.

What are the payment options?

For your convenience we have three payment options. You can decide to pay once you have finished fundraising, pay upfront or you can pay part upfront, part after.
To pay by:
Credit Card - head to our returning funds and stock page
Direct Deposit/Bank Transfer - head to our request an invoice page. A member of our team will forward an invoice with payment details within 2 working days.
Cheque/Money Order - Attach the cheque or money order to your completed returns form and forward it to our reply paid address

I haven't received my order yet

Boxes don't start shipping until September and delivery can take up to a week so please be patient. If you think your box has gone missing, please get in touch.

I've lost my paperwork and reference number

No problem, get in touch via our contact page and we'll send you a new copy. Be sure to include as much detail as possible so we can track down your order.


Order a box of bandannas to sell this October and together we’ll take a stand against cancer.